In our pursuit to provide our clients and partners with sustainable solutions, we have partnered with many companies that can provide technologies that can help complete the projects of our clients. We will be happy to discuss your needs and make the appropriate introductions. A partial list of the technology applications is below. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to recommend reputable companies that provide you with the appropriate services.


Energy Producing Glass

Your greenhouse glass can be engineered to not only allow the proper light transmission for your crops, but also generate electricity for the remainder of your operation.


Daylighting Systems

Full spectrum light can be transferred from external collectors via fiber optic cable to precisely the location within the facility where it is needed to support grow operations, even under the canopy.  Additionally, the heat from the external solar collectors can be utilized to generate additional electricity.

LED Lighting

Our partners have developed LED technologies that provide the proper lighting, use less power, generate less heat, and can substantially magnify the light produced.


Building Systems

We have engineered innovative building systems that will eliminate mold growth, and that are highly energy efficient. These systems can be designed for single or multi-story indoor growing facilities, or used in conjunction with greenhouse systems to create hybrid facilities.

Energy Glass

Universal Controls

We can design, engineer and build affordable control panels and universal control systems to operate your entire facility.

Water Conservation

Our partners can provide innovative technologies for water/wastewater treatment, as well as for water reuse/recycling.


Food Growth Technologies

Our partners have proven systems and technologies that allow for rapid food growth in urban environments.

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