In-House Product Development

Our team has decades of experience in the extraction and refining of high value products from a variety of feedstock.  Whether you need a targeted molecule or a holistic extract, we can help you.


Process Development

With a blend of patented, proprietary, and custom-built technology at our disposal, we can develop a highly-efficient process to meet your needs.


Technology Integration

Our processes can be designed and systems can be manufactured to integrate with other technologies.


Regulatory & Compliance

Our regulatory and compliance teams includes our house counsel and compliance experts who will ensure the process we develop for you will meet all necessary criteria, and will remain compliant. Whether cGMP or pharmaceutical grade applications, our experts are there to help.


Education & Training

We have decades of experience in developing education and training programs for companies, colleges, and universities around the globe. We have created and can provide you with extremely low-cost, fully-accredited training programs covering many health and safety topics including; CPR/First Aid, OSHA, DOT Hazmat, Workplace Safety, and others.

Farm Operations

Our team and our partners provide generations of indoor and outdoor growing experience to support our business activities.  We have access to both traditional and innovative indoor and outdoor growing techniques, products and technologies.  Whatever crop you want to grow, we will assist and advise you with farming operations because how you farm has a direct impact on how we process, and the quality of the finished product.


Process Engineering

One size does not fit all.  Our approach to process engineering is to start with the outcome desired, and then work toward the solution.  We have many proprietary technologies to choose from.  Those technologies cover a broad spectrum of needs across the extraction and refining industry.


We are here to help our clients and partners build a business case for their products. If you already have a market for the finished product, that’s great!  If you just have a feedstock and you want to see if a market exists for a finished product, we are here to help. We work with wholesale product buyers across both B2B and B2C sectors. Our goal is to secure off-take channels that support production, and leave nothing to chance.


Brand Building

Our team has experience in building successful national brands. We can assist you in navigating the complex strategies of brand building from the first step of selecting the right name to the implementation of a full retail rollout.

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