A truly ALL PURPOSE CLEANER that is eco-friendly….cleans all surfaces and glass/windows streak free!!


Save Money! Eliminate the need for all other household cleaning products!


Our NC150 formula consists of a blend of botanical extracts (pollenated plant esters). The method in which they have been blended, is proprietary. As a result, we can offer a unique formula for a PEOPLE PET and PLANET friendly all-purpose non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solution that cleans with no harmful or hazardous chemicals and zero VOCs.


Our products can be modified for certain applications (contact us for more details). Our products come unscented, but we can add food grade scents such as clove, cinnamon, lavender and eucalyptus, upon request.


We sell the products in a variety of sizes, from ready-to-use spray bottles to concentrates. We recommend the concentrates for economy. Dilution is accomplished with clean water (filtered, purified, reverse osmosis, or distilled).  Concentrates are available in sizes from 1 liter to 250 gallon disposable totes. Larger sizes are available.


A janitorial company in North Carolina conducted a field test through repeated utilization in over 50 homes and 20 commercial facilities over a 90 day period.


The benefits noted by employees of the janitorial company included:

  • No need to switch cleaning products (degreaser, disinfectant, and glass cleaner) from the kitchen to the bathroom to general cleaning applications.
  • Leaves a no-streak shine on all surfaces to which it is applied.
  • Saved time; no need to go back over surfaces with different product to remove streaks and create a shine.
  • Saved money; one product did the work of what routinely would be done with four products.

Life’s Clean Choice removes the vast majority of cleaning products purchased and stored under the sink or in the janitorial closet.


It’s ability to meet cleaning needs and function as a streak-free glass/window cleaner separates it from current “all purpose” offerings.

















The botanical extracts blend has the uncanny ability to be powerful enough to clean effectively, but still not harm you if it got on your skin, or even if you swallow it. We believe that this will be the most unique and effective safe cleaning product you will ever use.

Some Real World Information

There is what our lawyers tell us to say about our products, and there is what we, as parents and grandparents, want to share with you.


I have over a dozen kids and grandkids. We use this product everywhere in our house, and have for years. At home we call the products “The Juice” and there is a running gag tied to that. Whenever and wherever a mess occurs, everyone involved yells, “Get The Juice!”. That is the way my offspring poke fun of the old man. That’s fine. Point is, they know The Juice will clean up the mess they made, and that is the learned behavior of tools that are not the sharpest in the shed.


This product behaves and tastes much like soap. If you rub it between your hands, you will see a bit of lather and a soapy feel. If you put some in a bottle of water and shake it up, you will see really dense foam. If you pour it on floor and someone walks through it, they will likely slip and fall.


It probably will not bother your skin at all unless you have an open abrasion. That may cause it to sting a little bit. Other than that we have never had a single complaint of any type of allergic reaction to the products.


It will burn like crazy if you get an eyeful of concentrate, but you will be fine. Just rinse it with water and try not to do that again. Wear safety glasses if you are accident prone or tend to repeat mistakes.


If you drink a bunch of it, you are probably going to throw up because it tastes terrible (think soap and burnt rubber). That is a typical gag reflex and you will be fine. Just drink some water. If your mouth feels a little numb after, that will subside in a few minutes, depending on how much you drank. We have had contests at our house to see who could drink the most without gagging. It’s not a lot.

If the kids are spraying it on each other, or in their mouths, or on your dog Scooby, it will all be fine. They will be a little cleaner after than they were when they started. If you grew up in the same generation I did, and you ever had your mouth washed out with soap, then you will completely understand why it is highly unlikely that your pet or child will drink copious amounts of this product. Seriously, they will most likely puke up bubbles and you will have a hard time controlling your laughter.


You have many choices when it comes to cleaning products. We appreciate your business and we put our profits to good use. We constantly develop new products and technologies with the goal of improving people’s lives. I have never worked with a greater group of people and companies than I do today.  We know profits are important to business sustainability, but profits should not come at the sacrifice of providing value and quality to our customers and clients.


I hope you get as excited about this product as I have been for many years. I hope you become a fan of The Juice and your kids tease you about it like mine do me.  I hope you will tell us about your experiences with the products, whether positive or negative. If you have thoughts and ideas you would like to share with us, please feel free to shoot us an email. We will respond.


RTES (Renew-The-Earth Solutions), LLC holds the worldwide rights to distribution of these products.  Distributorships and private labeling opportunities are available. Please contact us for details.


Disclaimer –  These products are not registered with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or any other regulatory agency.

However, all ingredients contained in the products are accepted by the FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for food products additives.

Independent laboratory testing and university studies have been conducted on the products. These results are provided as a convenience only, and have been scrubbed of identifying data. (click here to see testing results).


Life’s Clean Choice and its affiliated individuals and entities make no warranty, representation or claim that these products will kill pathogens, or provide any value regarding sanitization, sterilization, disinfection, or “germ killing”.  We warrant and represent that our products are effective for cleaning, and will perform as described when used in accordance with the written instructions provided.

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